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How to Make QUICK Mesos in Maplestory 2

Maplestory 2 is a new game with the same currency, the working over, again ad again, to earn your millions if mesos, these tips will show you how to earn as much as money you had before. This game allows you to be open to other people and making a lot of friends. You can also approach random people in-game and ask them to join your journey in the game. it will be easier for all of us to reach out to other people by connecting to social media.

Preparing for the Mesos

If you are new to Maplestory 2 then just start playing and don’t concentrate on making money. Reach level 50 and get a component gear as you won’t able to make a good amount of mesos. You could get around 1-2 millions of mesos, by simply finishing the storyline. You can use the mesos form farm dailies and dungeons.

How to get Rich?

If you try to become rich, there is a GET RICH option in-game. It doesn’t give you millions of mesos instantly. It just gives you out mesos bag which contains 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000, 1000000 and more mesos. You can get these quests even with the mid-tier gear so that you can jump on them right away. These quests are easy to finish and constantly move from one place to the another. The task is super-easy to accomplish because of the air taxi.

How to make Mesos?

Story Quests-The simple way to level up your character is to finish all the storyline provided to you with about 1-2m mesos. With these amounts, you can spend it on blue items or whatever you feel like. You get 3 quests every day that resets at a certain time. The quests are super easy if you have the air taxi which everyone gets throughout the storyline. On completing those quests will give you a reward with mesos chests as we mentioned in the previous heading. These missions will not require you to have any kind of spesific gear.

Black Market- It is one of the main sources to earn quick money. If you are not using them on buying any items then you can sell them on the black market. It cost higher for an item that more money it will fetch from the market.


These above methods are used to earn more mesos in Maplestory 2. If you guys have any other ideas to earn quick mesos in this game, then you are free to share it on the bellow comment section. You are free to share your experience also through the comment sections.

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