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Nox player vs Bluestacks – Which one is the best?!

The bluestacks and the Nox player are the best android emulators. If you are looking out for the best one out of these both android emulators, here we go with the pros, features of both Nox and bluestack.

To choose the best one out from this both emulators for your PC, read this full article so that you can know which one you should download.

Nox VS Bluestacks


Nox is an android emulator initially for Windows and Mac operating systems. To run the Android applications and Android operating system on your PC. The Nox player is fully free and it does not include any advertisements or any premium subscription offer. We go with the features of Nox first and then the bluestacks, then you can select which one is best for you.


  • It is such fast and smooth emulator, unlike bluestacks. Where the bluestacks get lag and even hangs sometimes while playing the high graphics games.
  • It is good with gaming applications. Whether you are pro or a beginner, you will unquestionably discover something amusing to play on Nox.
  • It supports on both Windows and Mac PC.
  • It has a natural keyboard for application and for gaming controls in the emulator.
  • It also supports the Joystick control.


You can change your display settings totally full screen or 720p or full HD resolution. Likewise, you can change the graphics properties like Direct X and Open GL. In Nox player, many applications couldn’t installed properly without any issues. We found Bluestaks is better here than the Nox in this battle. In Nox, there are extra features situated on the right side. You can take screenshots, set up your location of a virtual machine from that point.


Bluestack is a premium windows application, that you can run your Android application from your system. It is one of the most prominent Android emulators. It has a poor performance, more bugs and irritating interfaces that keep down the bluestacks. The custom home screen is little confusing and disappointing. You have to install the application when you click on the thumbnails that take you to the Google Play. Nox wins the battle in this case.


  • Bluestacks does its job of playing games well on every system.
  • Glitches may occur in few games.
  • Takes more time to load the applications.
  • Graphics is good, if your systems graphics driver is compatibility with the bluestacks.


  • 2GB of RAM with minimum 4GB of disk space available
  • Direct X 9.0 or higher version has to be installed on your system.
  • PC’s graphic drivers should be updated for compatibility with the bluestacks.


We recommend you to try both to see which one is best for you. It depends on your systems specifications. We cannot say which one is better for you because every system has a different specifications. You are free share your experience after trying these emulator, share your experience in the comment section below.

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