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Updated : May 27, 2019 in games

How Pokemon GO Has Changed Us All

Pokemon GO has become a worldwide topic of conversation/discussion overnight, you cannot miss it if you were from the late 90’s or early 20’s kid. Every child’s dreams are about to become a pokemon trainer, the new Nintendo and the Niantic’s brought that cartoon back by creating a virtual game where players can train their own Pokemon.

Scanning a QR code in Pokemon Go allows you to create a friendly battle with your teammates, but there is another QR code feature called Island Scan for Pokemon, that lets you find and capture Pokemon that are not part of the Alolan Pokedex.

Humble Beginnings: Understanding The Pokemon 

The original show was much more than a boy from pallet town and his pal Pikachu. I believe all generations are beginning to understand that story.

This APP has touched the heart of the Pokemon generation. If you were under 20 during the years of 1995-98, chances are that Pokemon has touched your life in some way. Throughout the years this franchise has manifested itself in many different forms and variations, which have permeated every aspect of our media enriched lives. From the infamous TV show, console games, and multiple movies, Pokemon was everywhere.

Pokemon GO is Continuing The Magic

Fast forward to today, that’s where Pokemon GO comes in.

In the previous games, you could flaunt your power in the privacy of your own home. Now,  everyone believes that they’re the best, and has the ability to test their skills in the real-life using Google linked map.

You are now able to walk the streets, phone in hand, catching Pokemon in 31 countries across the world, all while talking to your competition.

It’s pretty much the ultimate wish come true for those of us that logged hours and hours of Poketime wishing that what we were playing, and our lives could be one and the same.

Battling For Owning Your Own Gym

Now, this idea has become a central focus of the game. Pokemon Go gyms have been integrated into the virtual world as physical locations that already exist like a church, business, or another landmark. 

These gyms are taken and “claimed” by members of one of three teams that you can join in the game: Valor, Mystic, or Instinct. Once they are taken, the gym belongs to that team. So I bet you’re curious about how to become your very own gym leader huh? Of course, you are.

For gyms that have already been taken, or if you’d like to battle another trainer the only way you can currently accomplish this is to take over a claimed gym. This is done by engaging the current owners of the gym in a battle and defeating them. 

Once they have been defeated enough times by a rival team, their prestige level (a number indicating how many victories they’ve had at the gym) will drop to zero and that gym can be taken over by someone new.

This new challenge has created rivalries that bring back  that authentic and competitive old Pokemon feel.

Is Pokemon GO Unsafe?

The Pokemon GO creators were definitely well aware of this potential hurdle when they made the decision to step out and lead us into the new way of gaming. Despite a very clear warning popping up every time you turn on the APP, a wild array of ridiculous stories have surfaced from users, that accuse the game of being unsafe.

Truth be told, I’m guilty of missing a step or two on the stairs, or attempting to open a door a few steps too far, and ending up with a handful of air.

Augmented Reality Games Will Change Everything

Nintendo may have increased their short term revenue with the release of this new game, but has also possibly negatively impacted the long term usage of its indoor gaming consoles. With the release of the new game, I have never seen more people out at 2:00 PM on a Monday afternoon.

Pokestops have the ability to draw crowds at parks, rivers, or even businesses. All ages have come together, there is no longer an age gap in the Pokemon Fan community.

The teams may differ, however no matter if you chose Valor, Instinct, or (begrudgingly) mystic you are part of a community. A community that has grown, the fans have multiplied, and in the end, a positive introduction to a world of gaming without constraints.


Let us know in the comments if you are planning to get back into Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

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