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Earthbound ROM – All you need to know about this SNES ROM

Recently I saw a YouTube video about the best rom hacks of video games. Some stuff like “The lion king” with simbha hanging himself and a pokemon escape from the lavender town. Likewise, one game really caught my eye though. It was called “Earthbound the Halloween Hack”. It was created by Toby Fox, the guy who has created undertale.

As a retro game lover, I felt very embarrassed. I have never played the worst earthbound/mother game before. I knew some of the games and their mechanics by watching them on youtube videos. But I have never played one like this from my old school. RPG is not my game of choice exactly (except Pokemon).

Since the YouTube video didn’t have any download links, I went on google and searched for that game. I just found some sites but they all asked for surveys and some are blocked by my ad blocker.

It took me a while to find a good download link. I had found this website with basic stuff like emulators to be used, and how to install Earthbound ROM.

I went ahead and downloaded the game and ran it on my SNES emulator as fast as I could. The game booted up and my screen looked glitched. I looked with confused thinking that the rom was broken, but then I remembered that one of my friend who played Earthbound before. He said that it was part of the intro, then the glitched looking normal and the screen displayed: Earthbound: “The Halloween Edition” and “New Game”.

Once I entered the hallway in the game, I was hit on my face by a bunch of “Horror Game Glitches”. I sighed and continued my game. The game doesn’t give any clues into what I have to do, so I decide to try and find the exit to see the world. The thing I saw in this game so far was some of the pixelated corpses and some ghosts.

After a 30mins of endless strolling through a few hallways, I entered into the main hall. The was a little plain, and it had access to two hallways. I walked toward the exit door and tried leaving the building. But the door didn’t open and heard some girls laugh sound in my headphone. I thought it was another glitch but it was some of the real plots in this game.

I tried talking to her but all she said: “Everyone has gone”. Then I strolled across the school and defeated some ghost that made my way to the second floor. A text appeared “Follow me” and she ran away, but I could hear her laughing sound. I attempt to follow her, but then stuff started getting odd. Every time I enter another room the screen stayed black for a while and some texts show up saying “Ugly”, “Stupid”, “Fat”.

All I wanted to know is who said these things. I just kept following her, she kept popping up at the end of hallways saying “follow me”. She led me to the first floor, outside the schoolyard.

I blew a sigh of relief thinking I cleared the game, but then I noticed that a text showed up on my black screen, “I hope you are satisfied” and a gunshot sound came. I felt chills running all over my spine again while I was staring at the screen. What I saw, that made me sick. Image of that girl with a bullet on her head. That’s all, but I couldn’t help her, but I heard her laugh for the last time and then the little screen opened up.

I just turned off the game and deleted the file completely from my computer. The hack was meant to be one of the darkest romhacks around but still, he couldn’t be this dark.

And that’s all you need to know about this SNES ROM, before playing the game.

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