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Updated : Aug 30, 2019 in games

Best pokemon to defend gym

Pokemon Go has unleashed a new Gym system and these are the Pokemon you want to evolve and power up to defend them. Pokemon are no longer ordered by CP but when they enter a gym and there’s no longer room for ten defenders, only six. You can only have any one kind of Pokemon in a Gym at any given time. Any Pokemon over 2000CP now lose motivation fast. If you want to get your 50 coins a day or earn Gym badges fast, you will need a whole new strategy to win it.

With the help of pokemon weakness chart, you can easily find the strength and weakness of your pokemon and your enemies pokemon.

How to defend Gyms in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Selection: The best Gym defenders in Pokemon go are listed below.
You can only place only one Pokemon in a gym at a time, and each pokemon in a gym must be a different species (for a total of 6 Pokemon in each gym, all from a separate trainer). Legendary Pokemon cannot be used as a gym defender, if they could it would likely be very different.

Here are some of the top Pokemon to defend gyms with if you are hoping to keep your Pokemon in a gym for a long time, or you should also know that other players will also be trying to take down your gym before you are ready for that Pokemon to come home to you.

1.Blissey: There is the main reason why you see Blissey so often in gyms. Blissey has a very high stats, a very high CP and little few weaknesses. All of Blissey’s movesets are effective, even when it has a lower CP, it remains well. Best movesets for Blissey includes Pound with Dazzling Gleam.

2. Snorlax: Snorlax is one of the most common Pokemon to see in every gym. It has a high CP, high defense and very few weaknesses. It takes a very long time to fight against and has several effective moves, but just be sure not to use a Snorlax with Yawn as their attack.

3.Slaking: Slaking has a high stats and an incredible high CP. Even though if other Pokemon in the gym are weak, slaking is strong enough to make the gym harder to take down because its hight CP takes so long to defeat. Another con for Slaking is that attackers choosing Pokemon to counter Blissey and Snorlax will also be suitable for taking down your slaking.

4.Chansey: Chansey is very similar to Blissey but has a very lower attack, defense, and CP than its evolved counterpart. Chansey has a very good endurance over times versus some of the stronger gym defenders. Best movesets include Zen Headbutt or Pound with Dazzling Gleam and Hyper beam is also a good move.

In addition to giving you coins, holding a gym for longer can give you gym badges bonuses and you can get more items each time you spin that gym’s photo disc. So, get there out and take over some guys!

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